Jasmmine Ramgotra // Jase

Jasmmine Kaur Ramgotra is a Canadian dancer, choreographer, model and visual designer who is also known by the name JASE in her creative endeavors.

Ramgotra's work ranges from the exploration of her mixed race identity to addressing the challenges of diversity in the environmental movement, and the creative expression of complex environmental and social issues. Her goal as an artist is to create works that foster a new culture of inclusion, respect and innovation through cross-disciplinary partnerships: eliminating the abstraction that makes art inaccessible, and bringing the deeper meaning to the eyes and ears of her audience.

Inspiration for her work comes from her experience as a mixed-race individual, as a queer/androgynous femme, as an immigrant, and as an eco-feminist. Ramgotra’s art is also influenced and driven by her research in the environmental field, and her strong desire to tell challenging truths about our culture.